As your family gathers to celebrate this Holiday Season, please take a moment to remember that immigrant families across Kansas and Missouri are suffering unprecedented family separations and will not be together this Christmas. The exorbitant cost of phone service in ICE detention centers make it impossible for many detainees to even call their family on Christmas, much less call to find an attorney.

Help us establish a toll-free Legal Hotline that will enable ALL Kansas and Missouri immigration detainees to make free calls for pro-bono bond representation. Your generous, tax-deductible donation during this Holiday Season, will help reunite families and allow them to pursue safe, legal pathways toward asylum and citizenship.

This season, please give the gift of family.

During the holidays, your donation may be made in the name of a friend or family member and you will receive a personalized certificate to print and gift to that special person.  Just include your email address and the person's name in the donation's note field.

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When immigrant members of our Kansas and Missouri communities are detained, ICE transfers and holds them in county jails.  Not only are these county jails located in remote areas, but phone call fees (charged by the minute) are substantial, creating a clear communication barrier between detainees and potential legal representatives; making access to counsel difficult for most and impossible for many.

Through this fund, DDLN helps detainees find an attorney to request a bond.  DDLN enables attorneys to provide pro bono representation for immigration bond hearings by removing the logistical and communication obstacles that currently exist when attempting to represent those detained by ICE.

Your donation to DDLN makes it possible for detainees to receive the legal representation they deserve, keeping families united and assuring that the rule of law is maintained.

Thank you for your support!

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